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Elizabeth Shores

Elizabeth Shores is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and curator whose practice uses multi-sited transnational methods of collaborative design to study the language of empire in material culture. Projects include using data taken from video cameras launched aboard a weather balloon to seventy-eight thousand feet above sea level to create Nano-scale titanium sculptures on circulating US currency by electron beam physical vapor deposition, radio transmissions in the earth’s stratosphere, and curated performance series. Elizabeth has exhibited, published, or presented work at such institutions as SITE Santa Fe, Tamarind Institute, The Museum of Modern Art, University of California San Diego, Yale University, School of Visual Arts, New York University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Arizona State University, Zayed University, and the University of Zagreb. Elizabeth received their MFA and BFA degrees at the Universities of New Mexico and Iowa, respectively, as well as completing coursework at Shanghai University.


Elizabeth Shores

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