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Kei Ito

Kei Ito is a conceptual photographer working primarily with camera-less image and installation art. Ito earned his MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016 and is currently an artist in resident at Creative Alliance. The notable institutes which collected his work include the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach. Ito’s work addresses issues of deep loss and intergenerational connection as he explores the materiality and experimental processes of photography. His work deals with the trauma and legacy passed down from his late grandfather, a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, in relation to current threats of nuclear disaster. Through his ritualistic image-making, the audience sees how he grapples with his family’s historical connection to nuclear weapons and power. Thus, Ito’s art serves as an intermediary, a memento of his grandfather, and his own experience in today’s nuclear climate.


Kei Ito

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