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Michael Darroch, Lee Rodney, and Karen Engle

Michael Darroch, Lee Rodney, and Karen Engle are all Associate Professors of Media Arts and Culture, the School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor, and members of the IN/TERMINUS Creative Research Collective. IN/TERMINUS brings together artists and urban researchers committed to exploring the boundaries between art, media, technology, performance, and the built environment. Terminus connotes both endings and beginnings. This tension nourishes our engagement with Windsor/Detroit, an urban region characterised by multiple real and symbolic borders. Our location on the border and the NAFTA trade corridor provides a unique perspective on intersections between art practices, communication, citizenship, democracy and the experiences of urban and suburban dwelling. Our methodologies are informed by the notion of ‘cultural ecology,’ where space and the environment provide a framework for analysing the effects of art, media, and technologies on the cultures of cities.

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