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Nick Bontrager


Building upon the success of the CAA 2019 hands-on coding/soldering workshops workshop “Good Artists Torrent, Great Artists Fork”, Associate Professors Nick Bontrager (TCU) and Taylor Hokanson (Columbia College Chicago) are proposing the a wearable electronic badge be worn and manipulated by attendees of the 2019 NMC Border Control Symposium. Badges will be pre-assembled for on-site immediate distribution and/or purchase, with supporting a supporting workshop/demo session to show how this technology could be implemented in various studio practices/pedagogies. A kiosk would allow participants to change/customize their badges with no prior coding/soldering experience and open the door to conversation about circuit fabrication and use in the field. Our workshop at CAA 2019 showed that many attendees were surprised at the accessibility of this technology and our conversations about possibilities and logistics continued long after our official workshop ended. We hope to continue this conversation at a symposium that may have a larger number of attendees who may already have an awareness of these technical possibilities and be willing to explore with us.


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Nick Bontrager

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