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Yavapai College

Bryan Robertson

Robertson is a visual artist based in Prescott, Arizona USA. He holds an MFA in painting and drawing with distinction from the University of Washington, Seattle. Robertson has received several university and non-profit grants to support his research and held solo exhibitions in commercial and non-profit spaces. Recently he has presented at national conferences including CAA 2018 and 2019, Foundations in Art: Theory and Education 2019, and upcoming at SECAC 2019. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of 2-D fine arts at Yavapai College in the mountains of central Arizona.

Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Bryan Robertson’s paintings and digital collages are a poetic visual language. The rhythmic quality of his palette and mark-making beat on the aesthetics humming below the surface of human experience. Concerning today’s digital experience, Robertson seeks content that explores the Internet’s ability to amplify cultural fractures and reinterpret conventional social narratives.


Bryan Robertson

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