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Savannah College of Art and Design

Christopher Olszewski

Christopher Olszewski’s Mobile Spiritual Renewal Center project is a self-contained Mobile Spiritual Renewal Center (MSRC) carried inside the vehicle’s trunk. The project acts as a soft monument or a mobile message board to connect with the local populations he encounters throughout his journeys. He spreads the word about his hometown of Detroit, Michigan through the Cadillac Deville by producing photo/video documentation, historical research and community outreach. The vehicle is his avatar while navigating the American landscape and exemplifies the spirit of the American rustbelt. His current creative project “Factory Life-Three Sisters” is to investigate the relationship between multicultural American and the White, Protestant, male, power structure. Christopher is investigating how the current system creates borders to keep outsiders (black, brown, Catholic, women, socialist, LGBTQ etc.) from participating.


Christopher Olszewski

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