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University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Safiyah Cheatam

Safiyah Cheatam, a Black Muslim Woman, creates social commentary and critique around issues of religion, socio-political awareness, and self identity. Newly interested in conceptual installation work with a background in film and design, Cheatam is developing a body of work around the aestheticization the Ka’bah as a concept and a monument while recognizing moments of behavioral dissonance, or the cohabitation of antithetical actions, in Islam. Using the processes of archiving and ideas of dissemination and influence, Cheatam intends to take charge of the narratives near to her and create the works she wants to see in the art world. While obtaining an MFA in Intermedia and Digital Arts at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, she plans to continue in this path of research and broadening her scope of community arts through involvement in educational programming in museums and local non-profits.


Safiyah Cheatam

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